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We want you to truly enjoy your time with Nature Nooks.

 As hosts, we will do everything possible for you to have the easiest and best time. Any questions or concerns can be emailed to

Take a look at some of our interior and exterior designs as well as some of our beautiful views.


Get to know us

Sales Department

Grant James

Sales Representative

Maddison Heatherly

VP of Sales


Cayden Hughes


Jett Wisdom


Human Resources

Angel Cruz

VP of HR

Hope Compton

Benefits Officer

Tory Hammond

Sales Representative

Molly Giles

Customer Specialist

Kevin Hu


Madison Tidwell


Anniston Tannkersly

Relations Manager

Becca Nix

Events Coordinator

Get to know us

Accounting Department

Meet the team!

Administration Department

Riley Shelton

Accounts P and R

Savannah Ellis

VP of Accounting

Marketing Department

Jaycie Jakes

Company Attorney

Bradyn Moore

Technology Specialist

Emma Wright

Billings Manager

Mattie Brewer


Kenzie Frazier

Social Media Coordinator

Adie Land

VP of Marketing

Reese Hickok

Production Specialist

Jacy Haislip

Web Designer

Kaley Tease

Office Manager

Carson Gobble

VP of Admin

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Disclaimer: This Virtual Enterprise online store is for educational purposes only. (2020-2021- Nature Nooks)

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